Our Reorganization Services provide investigation, restructuring, turnaround and implementation advice and services to underperforming and financially distressed businesses, their stakeholders and advisers. We help management to regain control, manage crisis, maximize return to creditors and limit exposure to risk and bad debt.

We assist under-performing companies by developing a tailored “turnaround” plan based on our proven methodologies, conducting cost structure analysis, implementing cash management procedures and assisting management by liaising with creditors, lenders’ committees and regulators, if necessary. Our services include

  • Conducting independent financial analysis
  • Providing recommendations to creditors
  • Supporting negotiations between debtors and creditors

We also assist in:

  • Examining the company/group structure with a view to increasing efficiency
  • Reducing operational costs and minimizing risks to the company/group
  • Identifying the risk areas to the group and providing recommendations to management on the right corporate structure

We help our clients negotiate debt, whether raising new finance or renegotiating existing facilities. By asking all the questions their banks will eventually raise, we help them to answer any potential challenges and prepare a robust financial model to support their case.